Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged For A Meme By Therese

I just checked my last blog post, and noticed Therese tagged me for a meme. Here goes:

My 10 favorite movies:

1. Star Trek II-VI (it wouldn't be fair to list each one individually)
2. Rocky II-V (same as above)
3. Overboard
4. A Christmas Story
5. It's A Wonderful Life
6. Yours, Mine and Ours
7. The Long, Long Trailer
8. The Poseidon Adventure
9. Towering Inferno
10. Jaws

21 words to describe me:

1. Catholic
2. Mother
3. Wife
4. Daughter
5. Friend
6. Helper
7. Cook
8. Cleaner
9. Insect-collector
10. Supervisor
11. Teacher
12. Mediator
13. Accountant
14. Pet-wrangler
15. Family photographer
16. Gardener
17. Bird-feeder
18. Courageous
19. Crazy (see insect collector above :) )
20. Patient
21. Testy (when necessary)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Florida Bound

Sorry I haven't posted lately. We've been quite busy, collecting and getting ready for our Florida vacation. I'm grateful I have a place to stay, not far from some great places to collect. My mil and fil will have to tolerate us crazies, although I think they are so happy we're coming for a visit. I can't wait :)

Yesterday, Amanda thought she collected an eastern tiger swallowtail, only to discover she collected the Canadian tiger swallotwail (it's a subspecies of the eastern tiger). All the kids in her 4-H club either have eastern tigers or have them identified incorrectly. I believe it's the latter, as the Canadian is very common here.

A lot of folks get upset with me and my involvement in Amanda's 4-H projects. I find insects rather fascinating, and never thought I would be so involved as an adult. They are so wonderful, and I can see God's creation in them. Butterflies and beetles are the ones that interest me most. Amanda would probably tell you her favorites are wasps, ichneumons being her ultimate study. Hopefully she will get to study ichneumons in Florida. Of course that involves going out late at night, with a blacklight and waiting for them to land on our white sheets.

Just pray I don't get eaten alive by mosquitoes, as my mil has told me they are out in full force, even with the fires in Florida. Also, please pray the fires are extinguished very soon.