Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged For A Meme By Therese

I just checked my last blog post, and noticed Therese tagged me for a meme. Here goes:

My 10 favorite movies:

1. Star Trek II-VI (it wouldn't be fair to list each one individually)
2. Rocky II-V (same as above)
3. Overboard
4. A Christmas Story
5. It's A Wonderful Life
6. Yours, Mine and Ours
7. The Long, Long Trailer
8. The Poseidon Adventure
9. Towering Inferno
10. Jaws

21 words to describe me:

1. Catholic
2. Mother
3. Wife
4. Daughter
5. Friend
6. Helper
7. Cook
8. Cleaner
9. Insect-collector
10. Supervisor
11. Teacher
12. Mediator
13. Accountant
14. Pet-wrangler
15. Family photographer
16. Gardener
17. Bird-feeder
18. Courageous
19. Crazy (see insect collector above :) )
20. Patient
21. Testy (when necessary)


Therese said...

pst. You need to tag someone now. Thanks for your post though. I never would have called you testy though Dawn. :)

Marcus said...

Did you even read your answers? You define yourself first of all as a member of an outdated religion centered around and hate, and then in the manner in which you relate to others. You are a soulless, faceless cog in a machine that doesn't allow for it's components to be individuals.