Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lamb Cake

Happy Easter to all! A little late, but I suppose it's better late than never. I promised I would upload a picture of the lamb cake

Amanda did all the decorating. It came out wonderfully, although I had to alter the directions a bit. The directions call for a pound cake recipe, which I posted last time. It probably would have been a true pound cake, had I used real butter and milk, but since we have allergies to dairy, I made the substitutions of Earth Balance and Silk plain soy milk. It's a delicious cake! Surprisingly, we still have some left :)


Therese said...

the cake looks great Dawn. Well done. Did it taste as nice as it looks?

Dawn said...

Yes, it tasted absolutely wonderful! We couldn't tell the difference between it and regular cake. Are you able to get the cake mold? If so, I would recommend making it for both Easter and Christmas.

stecho said...

You can send me some. I love cake. :) Great decorating!!