Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting Ready for Easter

Today was the day I decided to get myself in gear, getting ready for Easter. I spent several hours today, searching the web for some good gfcf recipes. One I needed is for the 3D lamb cake mold. Last year I was able to make a regular cake. That was before Amanda was diagnosed with allergies. It's tough having a child who suffers from multiple food/drug allergies. When I go food shopping, I spend a great deal of time reading labels. Not fun!

Here is one gf pound cake recipe for the lamb cake mold:

I will substitute the butter with Earth Balance, and the milk with plain soy milk. Most people balk at those, but usually can't tell the difference when eating them in baked goods. Even my mom, who is the fussiest person I know, said she will try the cake if it comes out well. She's even willing to give me a hand in purchasing the ingredients. This from the woman who criticizes everything. Maybe my prayers for her reconversion are working :)

Now for Easter dinner: my mom is the one who decided to do all the cooking this year. With the exception of last year, I have done all the cooking for the past nine years. One year, when Amanda was still very small, I made a fresh ham. The first words out of her mouth when it came out of the oven were "look mommy, it's elephant"! From the mouths of babes.

I will post pictures (if I can figure it out) when the cake is done!

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JoAnnC. said...

The cake sounds divine! Please post a pic, I've never had much luck with lamb cakes! Have a Blessed Easter!