Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Oh what a beautiful day it was! The outside temperature climbed all the way to 65 degrees, which is a big thing this time of year in northeast PA. I had all the windows open, airing out the old "staleness" of winter. Ah, spring! Granted, I have had to deal with lots of tree pollen. My allergies are in full gear right now, LOL!

Another wonderful thing about spring is the emergence of all the insects! Amanda was in her glory today, going through the yard looking for signs of life emerging from the ground. She said she found some interesting critters. Of course, they are probably in my freezer right now. I used to get freaked out by her putting them in there, but that quickly subsided when the numbers and sizes grew immensely! Having a child interested in entomology will do that :)

Today was also the final day of our upper level CCD production of "The Passion Play". It is a wonderful and moving performance by the kids. Amanda had two parts: an apostle and a witness. The students worked very hard, and I commend them. It can also bring adults to tears, considering the way the crucifixion is portrayed. The kids make it appear as though the young man who portrays Jesus is really being nailed to the cross. Very realistic! I cry every time :(

I'm counting down the weeks when planting season starts. I know it will truly be spring when the farmers are busy in the fields.

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stecho said...

I can't wait to plant our pots for our patio. (We can't have a garden). It was 81 degrees yesterday. That is really strange for MN. There was still ice on the lake by our house.

I wish there was a Passion play I could go to around here.