Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild Turkeys and Virtual Tour

Today, I went on some internet hunt of wild turkeys in NYC (no pun intended). My husband's boss had mentioned he knew people who were having problems with them where he lives (Staten Island). I thought there was no way wild turkeys would be living in the city. Boy, I was wrong! Doing a search, I found a website that had a picture of one in Manhattan:

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Here in PA, we take the sighting of a wild animal for granted.

The picture of the turkey is from New York City Walk

Going through this site, it is literally a virtual tour of Manhattan. There are many different views to be seen, that wouldn't be in any tour guide. I remember some of these places while I lived there, and completely forgot about. There are a few images inappropriate for the kiddies, but overall I would say the photographs are excellent.

Here's one image I found rather disturbing:
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The picture of the World Trade Center on the background with the bomb was unsettling, to say the least.

I wonder if there are any photo tours of other cities out there?

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