Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow, Ice, and Rain

We've been taking a beating in the weather department around here. I was watching a certain weather forecaster from a station in Scranton (the station and forecaster shall remain nameless, because the guy is such an idiot and I don't want to embarrass him any further) who made some of the dumbest comments about this last storm. One such comment: at least it won't be 15 degrees and all snow. No, it wasn't. It was closer to 25 degrees and mostly ice. Now it's frozen solid to the driveway and private road that it's impossible to walk on. I can't see the main road from here, but it appears to be okay.

Watching the extended forecast on TWC, and it has more snow/ice/rain for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I'm hoping all this will pass us or at least fizzle out.

I'm also amazed how many people used common sense and slowed down on the ice. Around these parts, snow and ice are reasons for people to speed up. And they wonder why our insurance rates keep rising *rolls eyes*

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