Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Those Evil Christians!

Oh, how evil we Christians really are! Mike Huckabee ought to be ashamed of himself, planting the cross and three symbols of the Trinity in his Christmas message

Yes, some people actually thought the bookshelf and three ornaments are overt messages promoting religion. Just take a look at Meredith Viera's interview with Huckabee on the "Today Show"

Is she for real? Does she actually consider herself a serious journalist by asking such ridiculous questions about an ad with a Christmas message?

She has truly reinforced why I no longer watch network or regular news. All those pretty boys and girls are lacking intellectually. Frank Runyeon was right; the "news" is about who looks the best and can read the script well, not about true journalism.

It's time for Meredith Viera and her ilk to go back to doing dead game shows.

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