Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanks For The Prayers

From my blog post last week re: Serious Issues, thanks for the prayers. They truly have been and are still needed. I've been "laying low", and not posting here on my blog, due to those issues. I was unsure if a certain local group had a way of viewing my blog, so I decided not to post.

For those who don't know what happened, here it is:

I'm involved in our local newspaper's online forum. There was a particular article wrt what the county task force has said is a gang. Some people were up in arms at being given than label, including one Catholic mother who decided listening to a certain type of "music" with her child was normal. I send her a pm, telling her I hoped she had sought the guidance and counsel of her parish priest, and that I was praying for her family. That sent her into a rage, where she made some outrageous comments about my daughter and family. She also mentioned who her parish priest is, so I'm certain if he knew about this type of "family entertainment" he would have a fit and lecture her and her daughter about the dangers of their choices.

Another thing that scared me was how this group has stated they silence all their "haters", which is anyone who speaks out against them. The task force told me that while I should be careful around these folks, most of them are harmless unless they call in other members to do their deeds. It also seems they have decided to keep quiet over the past few days. Nice not to have to listen to them curse and swear at those of us who stand up for decency and the truth.

What's another shocker is the number of these members who are in three of the four school districts in my county. This was unheard of when we first moved to PA. I guess people decided to take their gang ways with them when they transplanted to what used to be a nice quiet rural area.


Lilder said...

Still praying for yall.

Dawn said...

Thanks, Dana :)