Friday, December 7, 2007

What I Want For Christmas...

is an official Red Rider carbine action 200 shot air rifle (only kidding!)

Actually what I do want is a laminator. Yes, a laminator!

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There are many projects I've been meaning to finish, and only the laminator will do! When I told my dh about this, he asked me if I was sure. Of course I'm sure, silly! Seeing that particular model in K-Mart, I pointed it out to him. Some lady said she thought I was nuts for wanting something so "impersonal". Hey, it's what I want. Dh will be getting off pretty cheap if he gets me the Scotch model I requested :)

I told Amanda she can get me the laminating sheets to go with it. That was when she said she already made me a present. I'm looking forward to seeing what it is :)


Therese said...

I like practical things too rather than personal.

Dawn said...

Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy for wanting a "machine" for Christmas. I'd prefer that to jewelry, believe it or not, LOL!