Thursday, February 7, 2008

PV, Again

Family 'Feared For Lives' After Complaining About PV Teacher

A little history:

"The suit stemmed from graphic sexual and violent content that Smith allegedly used in his course. These included showing photographs of naked murdered women in class, asking female students what they wear during pillow fights and providing students with a sexually explicit novel he wrote, which was based on his own experience."

A local family filed a lawsuit against Bruce Smith, an alleged teacher, who showed sexually explicit material to his students and distributed his pornographic novel to the same. Because of the backlash in the community with the original suit being filed anonymously, the parents' names were released to the public by the "judge". Many people have come out in defense of this pervert, parents and students alike. Those who are speaking out against him are being bullied by his supporters. Why is that?

What he has done is behave in sexual harassment and deviant behavior. If this was the workplace, he would have been fired by now. Since he's only dealing with students, he's allowed to get away with this garbage so he can "open their minds" to the "truth".

It's one thing to discuss history in the proper context; it's another to behave as a sexual predator.

Why hasn't C&Y done their job and investigate him? If this behavior came from any parent, that parent would have lost custody of their child by now, and the same parent would be on the sex offender list. Do the same rules not apply to Bruce Smith, because he's "educating" students? If anything, the standards must be higher for those who have contact with minors every day. But, this being a typical public school district, the rules don't apply to them or their employees.

Yet another reason why I homeschool :-)

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