Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PVSD In The News

District Sees Dip In Student Numbers

It isn't often PVSD makes the news, but when it does, it's always interesting. I'm amazed at the dishonesty, from the top down.

Our new superintendent is saying the cause of the dropping numbers of students is now part of a "natural fluctuation"? I find that hard to believe, considering the numbers were projected to drop, beginning a few years ago. The projections have come true. Why did the PDE make such claims, and how could the new superintendent now know about it?

The former superintendent also carefully chose his words to make sure he would demonize homeschoolers as the cause of the problem. What he failed to state is that the vast majority of those who have taken their children out have enrolled them in public cyber charters. Their numbers would still be counted as public school students, not homeschoolers. It's the district's (and former superintendent's) way of pitting one segment of the population against the other.

Does the new superintendent believe people will allow schools to be built for non-existent students? Do we really need to be funding these sports stadiums and teams at the expense of real education. ISTM their priorities are backwards.

The taxpayers of this district are getting tired of this nonsense. Slowly but surely, they are waking up to the bloated bureaucracy of PVSD. More and more people should take their children out of the district, and watch it implode on itself.

One can hope ;-)

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