Friday, January 4, 2008

Farm Show Results

I just went to check the results of the PA Farm Show, which are posted at their website. Amanda is ecstatic over her accomplishments:

1st place - 4 ribbons
2nd place - 2 ribbons
3rd place - 5 ribbons

Four of those 3rd place ribbons were very difficult to earn. There are usually 30 or more entries in the three categories of the sweatshirt contest, bookmark contest, scrapbook page, and shoebox float. The theme for the bookmark, scrapbook page and shoebox float this year was "Country Nights, City Lights". Amanda painted the sweatshirt with a Christmas theme, of an older lady knitting, sitting in her rocking chair, looking at the snow falling outside. When we get the shirt back, I'll take pictures to show everyone.

The only downside is one of her entries wasn't posted at the site. I have to assume these results weren't posted, because the entire class isn't listed. Many kids enter in this particular class, so I have to wonder exactly what happened.

Another downer is she was the only member of her club to enter in the show this year. I'm very surprised, as most of the kids enter whatever they have, just for fun. The leader is extremely disappointed no one else made any effort to place any entries in the show. The usual excuse they have is "well, Amanda is homeschooled so she has all day to work on her projects". Heehee, that's what they think ;)

Edited to correct: the results of the other category were just posted as I was publishing. Add another 1st place ribbon to Amanda's total.

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