Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thanks To All Those People At The Farm Show

Or should I say no thanks, for destroying quite a few specimens in Amanda's special collection. I could not believe what I saw when we picked up her entries from the leader today. Bugs turned, twisted, and moved around in the box, as if someone was having a field day. Even her regular collection had cup rings on one of the boxes, as though someone had placed their coffee cup on the corner. I'm extremely unhappy, given all the work that has gone into these collections for the past three years (many of the insects in the special one were collected, spread, and identified over the course of time).

The farm show doesn't allow the knit/sewn items to be destroyed or ruined in this way. Why should the collections be any different? They should be roped off, enough so people can view them from a distance, but not close enough to place cups on them.

I've told her from now on, make sure the boxes are completely taped shut, otherwise this will happen again. How sad some people have no respect for all the hard work that goes into these entries.


Lilder said...

Lousy so-and-so's. I hope it's all recoverable.

Therese said...

that is awful Dawn. I am sorry people don't care more for the hard work Amanda has put into it.

Dawn said...

Thanks ladies! She was able to repair most of the damage, although some insects had to be glued together to make "frankenbugs". She has decided not to enter the special collection anymore, and will tape the main one shut. If the judges want to look at them, they'll have to view the specimens through the plexiglass.