Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Newest "Addition"

So, it's farm show time again. I spent much of the day getting the entries prepared and filling out the master lists. Yes, there are many lists that need to be filled out, according to division and location. I've never figured out why everything is separated, and I'm not even going to try.

Amanda has added an addition to her insect collection:


This is a special collection of diurnal insects that only years 3 and 4 may enter in the farm show. I was very surprised when she chose the purple background, considering she's always telling me how much she hates pink and purple.

Also, I smartened up in my old age, and had plexi-glass cut for the box. The pluses are it's virtually indestructible and makes the box much lighter. The minuses are it can only be cleaned with water, scratches easily, and discolors. I like those pluses after what happened last year. No more bloody knees and weeks of crying over the loss of insects. After this show, I will have the other two boxes fitted for plexi-glass, just t be on the safe side :)

And yes, those are roaches in the lower center of the box. Two were "pets" that she froze after they died, to keep them fresh for the collection. We're a little buggy, that's quite alright with me ;)

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