Thursday, January 31, 2008

Understanding Abortion

Understanding abortion is not easy, especially for a 13 year old girl. Amanda understands why we go to Washington every January, and how wrong it is to kill preborn babies. What she didn't understand is how such a heinous crime could be legal in what is supposed to be a civilized country. I was given great help in explaining this scourge. EWTN aired a program last night during the EWTN Gallery called "Human Life International: Preserving Africa's Culture of Life". The show explained the racist views of Margaret Sanger and eugenics, as well as the west trying to impose our secular humanist ways on the people of Africa.

Two statistics that stood out for her during the program:

- 9% of all white people have been aborted since its decriminalization

- 25% of all black people have been aborted during the same time

She was absolutely stunned by these numbers, including the lies of artificial birth control. Her interest piqued, she decided to do an internet search on Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and eugenics. The search invoked shock, anger and amazement. She suddenly had this "I get it now" look on her face, then said anyone who believes abortion is okay is nuts.

Wait until she discovers the link among abortion, euthanasia and compulsory attendance laws. She'll be truly grateful to be homeschooled.


JoAnnC. said...

Wow! Those numbers are incredible! There is also a link between abortion and breast cancer that she might be interested in...
Grateful to be homeschooled, indeed!

Dawn said...

I think that will be her next project :-)