Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!


I've been taking a break from blogging (and just about everything it seems), to rest and relax. Hope all had a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year!

I've been contemplating whether or not I would make any New Year's resolutions. Normally, I haven't done so but this year I think I may. So here goes: I will be going back on the South Beach diet full, and sticking with it. Oh, I know many people who make the same resolution, only to watch it go by the wayside in a matter of weeks. I'm not setting very high goals at first, just enough to make it one step at a time. I have set the goal of losing 10 lbs by the end of February. It doesn't sound like much, but from what my doctor has said is that slow weight loss is usually permanent (unless I decide to go on a bender and start eating cakes and cookies like there was no tomorrow).

Ever since we moved in with mom and dad, I've been eating far too many carbs, which have had a negative impact on my blood sugar. Too much pasta, rice and potatoes :( It also doesn't help that my mom criticizes everything I make. She usually throws my food in the garbage and substitutes her own. So, out comes the crockpot and delicious healthy meals for everyone :)

Baby steps, baby steps ;)


Therese said...

baby steps is what I am doing too. I am doing them for house work though.

many prayers for you Dawn. It is sooooooo hard to loose weight and it comes back on pretty quickly.

Dawn said...

Do I know what you mean! I think that's why my doctor wants me to lose weight slowly.