Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where Is He?

I was reading the online edition of our local newspaper, and came across this article:

Disgraced Former DA's Home In Foreclosure

The Luzerne county district attorney still has this property listed as his residence. So where is he now? The home is in foreclosure, which means he cannot step foot on the property. He's a registered sex offender, which means he's required to notify the court or law enforcement where he's moved to. Do they know where he is, or are they covering up for him?

I think it's outrageous that as former district attorney he's allowed to get away with this. I also think he's playing the system for whatever it's worth, first receiving unemployment (he was fired, so how this came about is a mystery), then disability. Suddenly, he's incapable of working after all those years in public office? I don't believe it for a second, and neither should anyone else.

Oh, I checked the database for registered sex offenders in this area, and sure enough, Pazuhanich is on the list. The last register date for his entry is 9/17/07, with the address exactly as in the article. Wherever he is, I pray he doesn't victimize any more young girls.

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