Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Baby Dies In A Hot Car

Baby Found Dead In Car Outside Hooters

How in the world does a mother forget her baby is still in her car? How can anyone forget a baby is in a car? This so-called phenomenon of parents leaving children in cars amazes me. What did they all do, wake up one morning and take stupid pills? The kicker is some of these parents escaped prosecution, because leaving the child in the car was an "accident" *rolls eyes*

I must go crawl back under that rock where I live :(

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Lilder said...

I've actually forgotten a child in the car... WAIT, don't roast me yet. J was almost two and had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the grocery store. I decided to take in the groceries before trying to move him because I was desperately hoping he'd stay asleep and I could get a nap too (I was preggo at the time). So I opened ALL the car doors to make sure there was a good cross breeze and started carting in the groceries. While inside on one trip, the phone rang, and I answered it quickly. Then after I got off I saw the milk and decided to put it in the fridge. At this point, less than three minutes after I walked in the door, I had forgoten my son was sleeping in the car. Now, it honestly only took about another 60 seconds for me to REMEMBER that. I went running out to check, and of course, he was fine. The doors were open and he had only been alone for a few minutes. But I can see how someone "forgets".

What I DO NOT understand is how they forget for a really long time... or how they leave the baby in a car to go into a bar!

I did feel very bad for that one dad who went to prison becuase his baby died in a hot car. He was under the impression one of his older children had gotten the baby out and taken her to the crib for a nap. :-( He took his punishment though, admitting he should have double-checked.