Monday, October 29, 2007

Tonight is the Night....

we will find out how Amanda has placed in 4-H this year at the annual 4-H Achievement Night. There are different categories in which she will be judged. Her leader has already said she and another girl in their club will both place in the top exhibitor category, as well as one of them will be overall champion this year. The girls compete against each other every year, and are truly great sports about how they place. Amanda is hoping that G will place ahead of her, since she is more experienced and has two more years in 4-H than she does.

I have to say the competition in this club is very intense, but always fair. The kids go out of their way to help each other, especially the newbies who need help learning about creating insect collections. They congratulate each other on how well they do. A lot of that has to do with their leaders, who have taught them kindness and charity in competition. They should also be awarded, because the kids will remember these lessons for the rest of their lives.

I'll post pictures from Achievement Night either when I get home later or sometime tomorrow. Probably the latter, because the event doesn't end until 9 PM, and it takes about 45 minutes to get home from there.


Therese said...

Well it is probably over by now but I hope Amanda goes well Dawn.

Dawn said...

I just posted the update. The kids received lots of awards :)