Friday, October 26, 2007

School Choice - Ha!

Interesting, this article was published in today's local newspaper:

School Choice Usually Means 'No Choice' in PA

There are other choices, but parents either don't want to use them, or are afraid of what they perceive as negative consequences. I don't mean homeschooling or using the public cyber charters. Rather, I believe the parents should demand accountability from the districts on why they are failing so miserably. Of course knowing the history of the public school system would give parents the upper hand, if they choose to make a stand.

I've been told by some folks my homeschooling has caused problems for the district by causing a loss of funding. What a cop out! Some people will say "well, you abandoned the public schools, so who are you to speak for us". I didn't abandon the district; rather it abandoned my child when I was told she was "too dumb" to read. As long as they continue to take my tax money, I have a voice on how it is spent. There was talk here sometime last year about homeowners not sending in their school tax. What would the district do, foreclose on all those properties and put them up for sheriff's auction? It would be a nightmare for all involved, but even more so for the district which would lose so much funding (that's all they care about anyway).

Parents should stop complaining about the system, and start doing something about it. Otherwise, they don't have the right to come back in 10 years or so to complain about their children's lack of education. Education should never be mediocre; demand the best, and that is what the public will get. Until then, children will continue to fail while the adults stood by doing nothing.


Lilder said...

You nailed it on the head, Dawn, when you said that public school parents needed to educate themselves about the history of public schooling. In my education class they actually mentioned that a "major duty" of public schools is to allow parents time to work ane to keep adolescents out of the workforce. Another "major duty"? To stop the spread of AIDS and other public health issues.

No wonder the public schools, in a large part of this country, aren't teaching our children how to read and write... Half the administrators think they should just keep the kids busy, and wrapped in rubber!

Dawn said...

I'm not surprised this would be taught in your class, Dana. I always recommend reading John Taylor Gatto's book. Several people who have read it refuse to believe what he wrote about public education. Others have said that since Gatto is now part of the anti-public school establishment, the book isn't worth the paper it's written on.

My district has dropped so many courses, I have to wonder what they do all day long. Maybe you're right, it's nothing but busywork :(