Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun Website!

I had forgotten all about the Duck Tape Club
until it came through today from click schooling. There's a great activity just in time for Halloween for the kids (and adults, too!) to make their own treat bag.

Here's a picture from their website, showing how to make duck tape roses:

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I might make some of these, to place around my Blessed Mother statue. I wonder if She would mind?


Lilder said...

I think She'd be happy with flowers you made just for Her... thos are pretty, but I've never seen red duct tape before.

Dawn said...

I've never seen red, either. Either I will have to order it through the website, or trek on into Wal-mart. Not my first choice, but it will do.

Dawn said...

Edited to fix the link to the Duck Tape Club. I apologize to anyone who had trouble.

Therese said...

The flowers look great.