Monday, October 15, 2007

A Quiet Place

Since moving, I've had to downsize everything. We used to have our religious articles all over the place. I decided to keep everything in one small spot. A few years ago, we were given a glass corner shelf. It was nothing more than a dust collector before, but now it's being used for our religious articles

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I still need to hang the Holy Water fonts, but overall I think it looks wonderful :)

The candles on the bottom shelf are ones Amanda picked up at our local supermarket. I still have one of Pope John Paul II that we burned for days, yet it never quite got to the bottom. This is a great place for me to have some quiet time to pray and reflect.


Therese said...

Wow. That is beautiful Dawn. I would love something like that in my house.

Dawn said...

Thank you! It took awhile to get everything gathered together, but all in all the effort was worth it. I love my little spot :)

Dave and Dani said...

Just beautiful, Dawn! I love it.