Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Many Of These Do We Really Need?

From the Pocono Record:

Best Buy Opens At Stroud Township Shopping Center

I have to ask: how many of these superstores do we really need? Considering most, if not all, of the products are made in China, do we really know what kind of poison we're putting in our bodies?

I have to admit, I am a transplant to the Pocono Mountain area. I lived my entire life in NYC, and moved here on August 31, 1995 to give my then 17 month old daughter a better life. For years, the township in question said they would never, EVER build on those properties (too much toxic dumping and not enough oversight). Well, we now have all this garbage from the ground going directly into the groundwater of each business. My husband and I have already said we will never eat at the restaurants nor frequent the businesses, because of the lax environmental rules.

It was one thing when the center that houses Target/Home Depot/BJ's was built; it was necessary. There were no other places to shop except Wal-Mart and K-Mart. Now the townships have gone overboard, and granted permits to almost every business (with the exception of Red Lobster and Toys r Us). Enough! We don't need more stores. The "growth" needs to end before it's too late :(

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Lilder said...

I grew up in the area I now live, but had moved away several years back... when I came back, becuase I wanted to raise my children in a better place, I was shocked at how much had only about 6 years. Thankfully, we don't have the same "dump" concerns you do, but the over growth and terrible crowding is very dissappointing.